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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CT scan?

A computed tomography (CT) scan uses X-rays to produce detailed images of internal body structures.

What is Contrast?

Some CT studies require contrast to obtain good images. Contrast may be given intravenously, orally, or into joints. If necessary, you will be receiving an injection of contrast material. In some cases, you may not eat or drink for 4 hours before the test. Some CT scans require that you drink the contrast material. For some CT scans, you may also need a laxative or an enema before the test.

If you have any concerns, our technologist will discuss them with you. How long will it take? Most CT scans are completed within 5 to 10 minutes.

What are the Risks of a CT Scan?

The risk of a CT scan causing a problem is very small.
  • Some patients may have an allergic reaction to contrast media. This is usually minor and easily treated. Our staff is trained to respond quickly in such cases. Serious or even life threatening reactions do occur but are extremely rare.
  • Contrast can cause dehydration or damage to the kidneys that may lead to kidney failure. Please inform your technologist if you have kidney problems.
  • CT scans involve low levels of X-rays. The risk of damage from the X-rays is very low compared with the potential benefits of the test.
How do I find out the results of my CT scan?

Your CT scan will be reviewed by a radiologist. The radiologist will send a report to your physician, who will give you the results of the scan.
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