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Preparing for Your Procedure


Some CT scans require special liquids, or contrast materials, to enhance the effectiveness of the examination. These are often given by mouth (dilute barium or Gastrograffin) and/or intravenously (iodine-containing liquid). Less commonly, contrast may be given rectally.

Arrive 15 minutes early, unless your exam requires you to drink barium, in which case you should arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

Please notify your technologist if you are pregnant.
Please notify your technologist if you are allergic to iodine.

Ask the receptionist whether your exam requires intravenous contrast. If it does, or if you are not sure, then do not eat or drink for 4 hours prior to the scan. Water and routine medications, except Glucophage, may be taken.

If intravenous contrast is required and you are on Glucophage, you must stop taking the medication 24 hours before the exam. You may resume taking it 48 hours after the study is completed. If intravenous contrast is not given, you may resume taking Glucophage the next day.

Abdomen/Pelvis CT scans may require you to drink barium several hours before the scan. You may obtain barium from our Center, and from some pharmacies. Please follow the instructions on the barium container and arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled exam time.
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